How To Rent A Cheap Party Bus In Los Angeles

Learn How To Rent A Cheap Party Bus In Los Angeles!

This post will teach you how to rent a cheap party bus in Los Angeles!

You’ll also learn a little about cheap party bus in Los Angeles rental safety too!

I won’t say party bus prices are set amongst the companies because they are not! Most owners won’t even talk to each other lol! It’s one of the many oddities of the party bus rental business.

Still, if you call around, you can find very competitive rates for a party bus rental in Los Angeles  You can thank the “secret shoppers” for THAT! See, party bus companies have their employees, friends and family call competitors for a rate quote just like a customer would! Then they adjust their prices to be competitive. That means you probably won’t find a real BIG difference in party bus rates and prices among the top companies.

So if you are looking to rent a cheap party bus in Los Angeles you are going to have to work and also take some risks. You can save some pretty good money if you keep calling till you find a company willing to rent their party bus out for a cheap rate! Also, if you are willing to risk waiting till the last minute to book your Los Angeles party bus you can find some good last minute deals! Say you wait till midweek, like, Wednesday for service that Friday or Saturday, most party bus companies would rather let their bus go out for a cheap rate rather then have it sit in the yard that weekend.

That last strategy is risky however because the best party buses will already be booked out and you may not find a bus at all on some weekends!

Risky is one thing, downright scary is another! Now here’s the scary part about cheap party bus rentals in Los Angeles! Beware!! Many companies that will offer you a real cheap party bus Los Angeles are unlicensed and unisured and are operating illegally. Unlicensed and uninsured operators are scary and a whole other blog post by itself, so I won’t go into detail here! However, I will help you stay safe by providing you with the following link…

In California you can check an operators license and insurance status at the California Public Utilities Commission website. The link I just provided you takes you right to their license check page! You’ll need the operators legal name or their TCP number so ask for it when you call them.

Warm regards and best wishes for finding a cheap party bus in Los Angeles! I can’t say we are cheap because we cannot compete with unlicensed and unisured opeartors! However, we are very fair and very competitive with other fully licensed and insured companies providing a high level of service.

Please give us a shot at providing you with a nice clean party bis rental!  Visit party bus Los Angeles  to check out all of our party bus rentals! Also if you decide to downsize to a limousine or Hummer limo we can help you with those also. You can find them on our Los Angeles limousine page.

Thanks for reading my post!

How To Rent A Cheap Party Bus In Los Angeles